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It's that time of the year again...

It's that time of the year again, when we need to let you all know about the forthcoming season. Our venue and time haven't changed, Tabernacle Chapel at 7.30; here are the first few weeks. We will begin on Tuesday 12th September with our Introductory Evening, when the year's events will be outlined by The Two Phil's and Carol; hopefully followed by some interesting images to get you in the mood.

On 19th we have a Club Night in which our new, developing website will be explained, with Paul Parker talking about "Cropping" after the break.

On 26th our first external speaker surfaces - Paul Kay with "Underwater Tales".

And on 3rd October we have our 2nd speaker - Ian Beesley presenting "Place of Work". This gentleman, and another later in the season, are costing us a bit more than usual, so we need a good attendance. Try to bring someone else. We'll tell you all about it on our opening evening.

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